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Healing loneliness

When we realize man's inseparability from God, loneliness is transformed into proofs of our presence with God.

Drafted! By whom?

The United States has passed legislation to register men 19 and 20 years old for a possible future draft.

Essentials of healing prayer

Prayer in Christian Science differs radically from many traditional approaches to God.

Foundation for marriage

Christ Jesus' parable of the two houses—the one built on sand and crumbling under stress, the other solidly based "upon a rock," Matt.

Man—complete reflection

Speaking on a radio talk show, an individual, considered an authority, stated that there is no steady correlation between intelligence and ethical judgment.

Mental memo to myself

Hey, thought.
The top section of the living room window had been left open one sunny morning, and I noticed a butterfly frantically beating its wings against the lower pane in a futile attempt to return to the garden.
To look at the headlines solely from the level of human perception, it might seem that we live in a world fraught with poverty and strife, a world skirting the brink of ruin.

Support we always have

A shaky ladder.
Each Lesson-Sermon published in the Christian Science Quarterly—Bible Lessons is designed to be complete in itself.

Breaking bad habits

There are good habits.

A home for Redwing

When I was in third grade, our family bought a horse.
Testimony of Healing
Recently, during a Wednesday testimony meeting in the branch Church of Christ, Scientist, where I am a member, someone gave a testimony I could identify with.
Testimony of Healing
I first learned of Christian Science in the period between the First and Second World Wars.
Testimony of Healing
While I was happily employed at a residential facility for Christian Scientists, acute pain suddenly afflicted the ankles and heels of both feet.
Testimony of Healing

On a wet day in the fall of 1976, I was riding my ten-speed...

On a wet day in the fall of 1976, I was riding my ten-speed bicycle down a slippery hill.


Readiness to confess error of judgment hasn't generally been considered a strong point of contemporary journalism.
The vital role of healing in our own lives and thereby in our branch churches is brought out by the three articles in this important new pamphlet.

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