Who's in charge here?

One of the most comical but frustrating experiences I've ever had is being outwitted by an inanimate lump of mud. But I learned a spiritual lesson out of it. When I began my education as a potter, I was amazed at how much stubborn resistance a little clay seemed to exert against my attempts to form it on a potter's wheel. As it turned, the clay jerked my hands back and forth or collapsed, unexpectedly. Clay in the hands of a skilled potter, though, seemed so much more cooperative, even totally subservient. It wasn't hard to see that the difference wasn't in the clay but in the potters.

One day a friend told me, "Don't watch what the clay is doing, watch your hands! Hold them steady, and the clay will be under control." I did, and slowly the clay became submissive and obedient.

Love restores normal heart action
April 14, 1980

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