At one time I had to contend with a condition of...

At one time I had to contend with a condition of athlete's foot so severe that it required bandaging. I was working on and off with a Christian Science practitioner, and praying earnestly to be healed of deeprooted irritation and frustration. The practitioner pointed out that the foot trouble was simply another aspect of the belief that there is life and sensation in matter, or mortal mind. The frustration had to be unmasked and recognized as self-righteousness and self-will. Although I finally felt that I had yielded to my divine right to be truly satisfied, and my freedom to see and do God's will, the disease persisted.

One day I visited in the area where my Christian Science teacher resides, and I humbly asked her for help. She talked to me about the city foursquare mentioned in the Apocalypse (see Rev. 21:16). She likened the city to God-given consciousness, which expresses divine harmony and brings to our lives equality and symmetry, inspiration and spiritual understanding. After I'd left her office, the vision of light and loveliness stayed with me, and there seemed to be a happy radiance everywhere. I forgot about the foot condition. When I retired that night, there was no need for the bandages. The feet were healed and have remained so.

Testimony of Healing
In 1939 I became a member of The Mother Church, and during...
April 14, 1980

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