Proving man's present spirituality

"Religions in general admit that man becomes finally spiritual. If such is man's ultimate, his predicate tending thereto is correct, and inevitably spiritual. Wherefore, then, smite the reformer who finds the more spiritual way, shortens the distance, discharges burdensome baggage, and increases the speed of mortals' transit from matter to Spirit—yea, from sin to holiness? This is indeed our sole proof that Christ, Truth, is the way." Message to The Mother Church for 1902, p. 10;

These abundantly encouraging words are by Mary Baker Eddy. And she, having discovered and demonstrated Christian Science, is the reformer par excellence. Through Science, our thought is led and formed by Spirit, God. When we learn that man is the ideal manifestation of immutable Spirit, then we also know that man never existed any other way but perfectly and can never have any quality inconsistent with total spirituality. We have this truly marvelous healing perception of man, God's outcome, because of the understanding Christian Science gives us of Deity.

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April 14, 1980

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