Some years ago I was making a breakwater on the western shore...

Some years ago I was making a breakwater on the western shore of Lake Michigan and had to push large boulders over a bank with a tractor. Without warning, the clutch of the nine-ton crawler stuck, sending the vehicle tumbling to the rocks below. As it went over I jumped free but landed in such a way that my right leg was badly hurt and my knee dislocated. I lay where I had fallen for what seemed like a long time, declaring that I was truly spiritual—a divine manifestation of the one and only Mind, God—not a fallen or injured mortal. A neighbor happened along and helped me up the bank to my nearby home where I called a Christian Science practitioner.

The practitioner reminded me that since accidents have no claim to real life, that is, they are not included in God's expression, man, I could not show the effects of such things. I told him that I grasped what he said intellectually, but that I could not seem to wipe out the vivid impression of the incident. He replied that a person could remember a sleeping dream but that that could never make it something it had never been: real. We prayed to perceive and feel only what was real—harmony, wholeness, vitality—and in less than a week I was involved in normal activities again. The complete healing was accomplished in several more weeks, and during that time I learned something of what it means to be the perfect reflection of a perfect creator.

December 8, 1980

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