An oppressive mental trial came into my life about ten years..

An oppressive mental trial came into my life about ten years ago. For a long time I had accepted the notion that I must carry a small part of the world on my shoulders. This world included a profession that I believed kept me tied to it day and night, plus the chores of a home and the care of parents. Some time after my mother's passing, my father became ill and required much attention. However, despite the rather gloomy and prolonged situation, I still fulfilled what I considered to be my duties as a Christian Scientist—praying daily as best I could, and being very active in a branch church. But somehow I let clouds overshadow my understanding of God's love for me—clouds of false responsibility, anxiety, fear, and a general feeling of limitation and lack.

The result was a sudden mental breakdown. This took me away from my position, home, and church. Over a period of perhaps three years, I found myself in hospitals, a nursing home for Christian Scientists, and private homes of Scientists who helped me in my return to mental stability. During these years, at various times I had the help of loving Christian Science practitioners. Even though, for a long while, I was unable to live in a normal manner, I still read the Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly daily. I recognized that this lesson could be a real aid to healing, and I valued it along with the spiritual support of the numerous fellow Scientists who kept in touch with me. These friends voiced many constructive thoughts in letters and during visits, although I seemed unable to retain the thoughts beyond the time they were expressed.

December 8, 1980

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