One day when we lived in Alaska, after I visited a friend who...

One day when we lived in Alaska, after I visited a friend who lived across a highway, I was walking home. While crossing the highway, I did not see any cars coming, but when I turned my head in one direction, suddenly I was being knocked down on the road by a car. I don't remember anything after that except waking up for a little while in an ambulance. Then I woke up again in the hospital emergency room. My mom came and moved me into our car to take me home. My head had been cut and my arm and shoulder ached. Late that night a state trooper and a doctor came to our house to say that I had to go to a hospital for X-rays. I knew that no matter how bad my shoulder was, I would be healed, because God was always with me. About two weeks later in Sunday School my friend Timmy was talking to me. I showed him how I could wave both my arms high above my head and all around. My friend said, "So what? So can I!" Then I knew I was healed, and my arm and shoulder have been fine, like they always were before. There are many other healings our family has had through Christian Science. I am grateful for them.

Roddy SchenkerSt. Louis, Missouri

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science found me I was living in a basement...
February 12, 1979

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