No division in Spirit

All healing is, in a sense, the healing of the claim of division. Looking at things broadly and humanly, we see plenty of division that needs healing. We live in a world of divided nations, gaps between the well-to-do and the deprived, splits between those of this ideology and that. Some families are sadly divided.

In reality, God and man—Mind and idea, cause and effect—are one in unfragmentable unity. Destructive divisions have behind them the mortal belief that man is divided from God, and that divine individuality can be splintered into mortal personalities. Like all beliefs, this can be healed with the scientific truth understood and realized. God is whole and One, and all His creation expresses this wholeness. All that actually exists evidences the coexistence of God and His manifestation. At the heart of Christian Science prayer and treatment is affirmation of the coherence of all being, and the denial that mortal mind—a supposed mentality outside God's infinity—can force a space between God and man.

Weather in Paradise
November 19, 1979

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