Changing our view of natural forces

How do we view natural forces? Opinions on this subject have evolved progressively through the ages. Blind worship and superstitious terror have largely given way to a growing sense of natural forces as the outcome of universal laws in operation. And by degrees, a sense of helplessness before these forces is giving way to a more positive outlook that includes such elements as prediction, control, and application of knowledge in science and technology for the betterment of mankind.

At a higher level of thought, humanity over the centuries has deepened its awareness of the omnipotence of God, a point emphasized strongly by both Judaism and Christianity. But Christian Science goes farther by showing us how to experience the omnipotence of God as a demonstrable fact. One term for God in Christian Science is divine Principle, whose omnipotence can be applied to every aspect of human life, including what are termed natural forces. It is the human thought about forces that must change. God as omnipotent Principle actually originates the only forces that exist, and they are always benevolent and spiritual.

The liberating quality of gratitude
November 19, 1979

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