Promoting spiritual development in children

[Original in Spanish]

There is an anecdote about a small boy who often visited a sculptor and was fascinated to watch him working. One day a large block of marble was brought to the studio, and the sculptor began to work on it. The marble took shape little by little: first one could recognize a vague figure, then it began to resemble an animal, and finally the sculpture of a lion had been fashioned. When it was finished, the boy asked the sculptor in amazement: "How did you know there was a lion in the marble?"

Those of us who have children may feel sometimes like the boy in this story. Can we know what is going to appear as our children grow? How can we bring out their innate spiritual qualities and help our children realize the true ideal? How can we develop our children morally and spiritually?

Homemaking—radical too!
October 22, 1979

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