Homemaking—radical too!

Christian Science is radical. It requires a steadfast stand for one creator, substance, and intelligence—Spirit. It also requires resolute denial of the opposing belief that matter exists and is as substantial, intelligent, and powerful as God. This radical stand for absolute spiritual perfection is not an occasional one, taken only in time of distress. It is a twenty-four-hour commitment to demonstrating God's harmonious control in life's every detail—including homemaking!

To a homemaker belongs the joy of caring for family and home. The tasks included in this crucial position demand one's highest thoughts. The Bible gives much helpful counsel for home-making. The last chapter in Proverbs illustrates many of the Godderived qualities homemakers need. According to the custom of the times, the writer identifies homemakers only as women, but the qualities of trustworthiness, trustfulness, goodness, and purity are valuable to any homemaker, man or woman. This chapter shows how lovingkindness is made practical in charity, and intelligence is expressed in wisdom and creativity. It praises the stability that gives strength, and the honesty that leads to honor. In sum, the homemaker "looketh well to the ways of her household." Prov. 31:27;

The year of the child
October 22, 1979

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