Several years ago three friends and I decided to spend the...

Several years ago three friends and I decided to spend the summer mountain climbing in the Alps. We trained every minute we could for months beforehand. We were preparing for a daily climbing minimum of eight to ten hours. We would carry not only our own heavy personal equipment but provisions and firewood as well.

Three weeks before we were due to leave, I woke one morning in extreme pain, unable to move. As a city employee, a medical examination was obligatory, so a doctor was called. He diagnosed the condition as a severe case of sciatica. A specialist confirmed this diagnosis and stated that, in my case, I would not be able to walk for at least three weeks, much less climb mountains, and that our plans would have to be canceled. He added that a recurrence of the sciatica would be inevitable, if I were to undertake mountain climbing.

After hearing his verdict, and being released from further medical attention, I immediately phoned a Christian Science practitioner for help. She told me to study the allegory of a court trial found in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, pages 430 to 442. I was not to accept the verdict of the "Court of Error," but to take the case straight to the "Court of Spirit." She made it clear that no matter how many witnesses False Belief brings to the stand, these are still false witnesses. The Court of Error has no jurisdiction over the perfect man of God's creation and therefore cannot sentence him to pain or disability. I knew that no spiritual law had been broken and in God's kingdom there are no physical laws to be broken. As Judge Justice says (pp. 441–442): "We have no trials for sickness before the tribunal of divine Spirit. There, Man is adjudged innocent of transgressing physical laws, because there are no such laws." Within three days I was completely healed, and we spent our summer as planned. Although we climbed most of the time in blizzards, often sinking up to our waists in fresh-fallen snow, there were no ill effects; indeed, the illness had simply vanished. Truly, as Mrs. Eddy ends the allegory (p. 442), "Mortal Man, no longer sick and in prison, walked forth, his feet 'beautiful upon the mountains,' as of one 'that bringeth good tidings.' " Since then I have taken part in many cross-country skiing competitions and have climbed extensively, and this healing has remained permanent.

Testimony of Healing
Fifteen years ago I was so completely healed of a crippling...
December 4, 1978

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