Don't suffer illusion!

Do students of Christian Science aim to change a discordant material condition into a concordant material condition? This Science does not treat matter but teaches that every belief of life in matter is an illusion of mortal mind, or error. Consequently, the Scientist prays to discover man's spiritual state and to dispel the illusion that man—the true likeness of God—is mortal, saddled with a material mentality and subject to the multiform errors of material sense. Mrs. Eddy tells us, "Mortal mind is constantly producing on mortal body the results of false opinions; and it will continue to do so, until mortal error is deprived of its imaginary powers by Truth, which sweeps away the gossamer web of mortal illusion." Science and Health, p. 403;

Christian Science reveals infinite Mind as the only consciousness—the only Mind of man. Deceptive mortal mind is seen to be just as much of an illusion as its subjective mortal beliefs. For they are one and the same. To no extent, in any way, is illusory material sense coordinate with divine consciousness or immortal being. Through awakening to spiritual consciousness we dispel illusions.

Healing in Christian Science requires more than the mere denial of an inharmonious condition. It requires the affirmation and clear scientific comprehension of divine Principle and the perfection of being. In Christian Science practice we don't regard the error to be healed as a real condition to be made unreal by the application of metaphysical truths. The error was never more than illusive material belief, whose nonexistence is proved in the light of omnipresent, all-inclusive spiritual existence.

Finding the spiritual cause
December 4, 1978

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