As a child, I was told by doctors I would never live a normal...

As a child, I was told by doctors I would never live a normal life because of rheumatic fever. My father, who had had this same condition in his youth, put me under medical care. I can remember spending a summer flat on my back. The following spring the condition reappeared as medically predicted. However, my mother intervened and requested, in place of medical care, treatment from a Christian Science practitioner. I was well in three days. The next year, when the symptoms appeared, I was treated again through prayer and was well within a day. There was no further recurrence. In later years, I have passed stringent medical examinations for life insurance and military officer candidacy. I am very active in strenuous activities.

Two years ago, through radical reliance on Truth, I was healed of the effects of an industrial accident. I was under a customer's car one day, when boiling antifreeze was inadvertently released full force into my face. I quickly corrected any condemnation of this customer's action, feeling total love and no resentment. I knew that if I handled this situation immediately, and expressed complete love right then, I could be free from serious injury. Although my customer received a blister on his hand from releasing the cap on the radiator, my healing was instantaneous and complete.

A more recent healing required more consecrated thought, study, and self-examination. My daughter, who was not living with me at the time, was being treated medically for a skin disease called scabies. I was informed that the doctor could not understand how other members of the family had not contracted the contagious disease. Unconsciously accepting this suggestion, I began to suffer discomfort. A medical solution was prescribed for my daughter; but for myself I knew this to be an opportunity to demonstrate Christian Science. A practitioner prayed for me. For two months the battle raged. Then, at an almost unbearable climax, relief came, although the healing was not complete. The condition, though less intense, did not yield. Searching for the reason, I found several undesirable character traits that needed correcting. I knew it was time for character building, and this I needed to do myself. The practitioner was released and specific metaphysical work was begun, aimed at becoming more spiritually-minded, with little regard to the physical condition. As I turned away from matter, the condition, unnoticed, melted away after a few months. I am most grateful for the spiritual growth gained during this healing.

December 4, 1978

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