The learning process

People commonly view what they call "mind" as something material, personal, limited, and assume that it must be filled up with material knowledge through a learning process involving teachers, study, memorization, reasoning, repetition, trial and error. Most of these elements certainly have their place in developing human thought. But it's often believed that anything human consciousness has not learned through this process, it cannot know; that we are intelligent because of what we learn in this way or because of inherited ability. Human thought limits itself by not realizing the real nature of consciousness and intelligence.

God is the only Mind, the only source of intelligence. He knows all that is real, because He created it. The divine Mind knows its own creation, including man, to be perfect, expressing all of Mind's qualities, such as intelligence, wisdom, and inspiration. So man, God's spiritual reflection, knows what is real and right, knows what God knows. Man has never been placed in a condition where he doesn't know and now must learn—has never experienced a gap of ignorance that must be filled.

Love shatters materialism!
December 4, 1978

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