Spirit's Healing Radiation

Many people who know God through the Bible have learned that He is Spirit. In fact, of the many ways the Bible helps us to understand God, "Spirit" is the very first term it reveals. One cannot help feeling something of the grand illumination of reality as he begins reading the Bible. "And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." Gen. 1:2,3;

This dawning of God's glory is not a past event. It is an ongoing, continuous revelation within the eternal presence of infinite consciousness. Each of us has the holy opportunity to be daily blessed by Spirit as it constantly pours forth divine light—the very substance of being. Spirit reveals itself through light—spiritual illumination. As the child of Spirit, man understands himself to be spiritual idea, sustained, preserved, and secured by the ever-shining presence of Spirit. Man's identity is dependent upon the light of Spirit. He is known in terms of divine light. He is nourished with this light. He is blessed by it. It is the very source and substance of his being. Spirit never stops radiating its perfection. It is never interrupted in its continual emission of divinely illumined consciousness. Spirit is inexhaustible, perpetual, constant.

August 1, 1977

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