Living the Divine Pattern

When we take a look at our life, many of its events may seem random and meaningless. For those who feel this is markedly so in their case, it can be disturbing. Christian Science reveals the details of the divine pattern—God's plan of perfection for man and the universe—and shows us how to prove that this is the only real design.

Random or unpatterned events can take many forms in individual lives: buying or selling property at what we may come to believe was a "wrong" time; a chance meeting that leads to an unhappy marriage; accident; a mistimed career change. None of these situations is beyond correction. Claims of misgovernment or mischance can never impinge upon man, the reflection of unerring Mind, God. No matter what our present situation, no matter how convinced we are that we can't "unscramble the egg" of some negative happening in our life, we can still prove that God is governing our real selfhood moment by moment.

Spirit's Healing Radiation
August 1, 1977

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