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At one time my husband and I found ourselves without family...

At one time my husband and I found ourselves without family, friends, home, employment, or position. We were sustained by a strong love for God and a growing confidence in Christian Science, which we had recently come to know. We accepted these words of Mrs. Eddy (Science and Health, p. 494): "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." We were always mindful that we were a family, and we felt much love toward the child that was on its way.

At times we felt tired and burdened from our search for employment. We were reading and studying Christian Science without understanding it. Although we had had good proof of the healing efficacy of Christian Science in matters of health—for example, the excellent state of my health in pregnancy—we were less assured about finding a job. Frankly, it seemed impossible to us because of the general situation in the country, and because of our lack of practical knowledge and of some of the usual qualifications for employment. It seemed our university studies were more of an impediment than a help, for students had fallen out of favor with some people. Everyone agreed we would have to study new subjects, prepare ourselves with a course in business and typing, or learn to drive vehicles. And even this latter seemed Utopian in our situation.

June 27, 1977

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