Cultural shock is a mortal belief

No Longer Strangers

Are you a stranger and foreigner in another country with different climate, culture, social norms, and values? Or have you just moved into a new community, or just enrolled in a big college or university? What is your feeling about the new environment? Wherever we are, it is important to know that we hold our physical environment in our thought; and the concepts we hold of it in large part determine our experience in it. How important it is, therefore, to accept as real and true of our new country or community only those thoughts that make for a peaceful and harmonious integration.

Many of us at one time or another, for various reasons, find ourselves far away from our familiar homes and in foreign countries. Quite often when we set out on our journey, we are buoyant with expectations of great and enriching experiences, widening our horizons, making new friends, seeing historic places, or finding a new home.

A Racist Christian?
June 27, 1977

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