Closing the Gaps in Our Lives

Many people have concerns about divisions in families, gaps between cultures, walls between generations, barriers between colleagues. None of these conditions is beyond correction. Bad communications and poor mutual understanding—no matter what forms they assume—can be resolved through a deeper sense of spiritual life and being. Divine Love is the remover of communication blockages. Love, understood, can lower the walls.

Gaps emerging in families—and resulting in hostility and upsets —may stem from such things as disagreement about an individual's style of life affecting the whole group, or a son or daughter leaving home because of strained relationships between parents, or children having been brought up with too much or too little discipline. For a basic spiritual resolution, what's called for is not a marriage counselor or a child psychologist. Painful gaps can be closed through a more spiritually scientific view of the wholeness of being. In the measure that we adopt such a view, healing results.

Help for Innocent Victims
June 27, 1977

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