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Right from the start, in a visit with a Christian Science practitioner,...

Right from the start, in a visit with a Christian Science practitioner, the importance of daily study of the Bible Lesson in the Christian Science Quarterly was pointed out to me. I was instructed in the proper reading of the sections and was urged to persevere in the study. Today I am very grateful to the practitioner for this wise instruction. However, I only fully realized its importance at a time when, left to myself, I turned to the Bible, and to Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, for help.

It was suddenly a joyous awakening to realize that the Christ, Truth, is daily speaking to us through the Bible Lessons. The Christ heals us, correcting errors of belief, in accordance with the divine law. The daily study of the Bible Lessons proved the truth to be immediately applicable to all circumstances of daily life, and what is more, the lesson was helpful and useful in a completely individual and personal manner. We read in the Bible (John 5:17 ), "But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work," and in Science and Health (p. 377 ), "Remove the leading error or governing fear of this lower so-called mind, and you remove the cause of all disease as well as the morbid or excited action of any organ." In the same book she gives us the comforting assurance (p. 152), "Truth has a healing effect, even when not fully understood." Here I found courage to trust in God's healing power, and confidence in divine Love.

June 6, 1977

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