". . . there is still present help"

The Practicality of the Lord's Prayer

The words "our Father" in the Lord's PrayerSee Matt. 6:9-13; —an experienced Christian Scientist once pointed out to me—imply that God, as loving, caring provider, is available to our humanhood as well as to our spiritual selfhood. This was not meant to indicate that God, Mind, produces matter—He could not—rather that God is approachable even from the standpoint of a human being.

Most Christians believe that God governs and controls the spiritual realm. Sometimes, however, harmony seems a long way from their present experience of limited, physical universe and vulnerable, material body. Yet Mrs. Eddy writes, "Immortal Mind, governing all, must be acknowledged as supreme in the physical realm, so-called, as well as in the spiritual."Science and Health, p. 427; As we accept this insight, as we acknowledge that God, divine Mind, is supreme even in our so-called human living (so-called, because God, Spirit, really is All), we can confidently pray the words "our Father" and know that His care is operative in both our human sense of existence and the reality.

The Depth of the Lord's Prayer
December 19, 1977

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