My "grateful garden" has many sturdy blooms

My "grateful garden" has many sturdy blooms. I am especially grateful for healings of irregular heart action, influenza, and other illnesses. These healings have taken place over many years.

When television was first employed to warn the public about detection of malignancy, I was not alert to guard my thought. When a lump appeared on my body, I became frightened. There was no diagnosis but the pain and fear I felt for months seemed very real. When I admitted this fear to a Christian Science practitioner, she prayed daily for me and helped strengthen my understanding that I was a complete, whole, perfect spiritual idea of divine Mind, God— not a female mortal. The embodiment of right ideas was the only body I could have. She assured me nothing false could attach itself to a spiritual idea. She spoke to me of my heavenly Father's tender love, and pointed out that I could be sensitive only to good.

November 27, 1976

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