Silencing the Senses

How much of our concept of reality comes from the avenue of the five personal senses—seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling? In Christian Science this "reality" is identified as, in fact, unreality. Science, not the senses, must inform us of reality, the reality of infinite Truth and its spiritual creation. And to be enlightened by Science is to be able to heal. To be fully informed by Science is to heal at once. "Science speaks," Mary Baker Eddy points out, "when the senses are silent, and then the evermore of Truth is triumphant." Miscellaneous Writings, p. 100;

Our ability to silence the senses and to recognize Truth already triumphant must be cultivated. How may we do this efficiently? Through exercising spiritual sense. Through right reasoning—reasoning that admits as the only valid premise the omnipresence and goodness of Truth, Spirit; through reasoning that begins with the infiniteness of Spirit and concludes with the spirituality and perfection of man, Spirit's expression.

Obedience That Blesses All Nations
January 17, 1976

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