"This may sound dumb to you"

Catherine was stuck. She was in a real quandary. She'd stepped on a rusty nail. It had pierced her foot, and her father, who was not a Christian Scientist, had lovingly delivered an ultimatum —either go to a doctor and get a shot or have help from a Christian Science practitioner.

But this was the problem. Although Catherine had been attending a Christian Science Sunday School, she still wasn't positive she could rely on Christian Science. Sure, things had usually worked out pretty well for her—she'd had help from a Christian Science practitioner before and got well, and she'd also asked for help when her horse was sick and he got well, too. But how did she know this was Christian Science at work? Wouldn't these things have got better anyway? That's why she felt stuck. She didn't really believe Christian Science could help her now with this foot problem but she was really frightened at the thought of going to a doctor and getting a shot. That didn't appeal to her at all.

You and Your Soul
June 21, 1975

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