FObservation and Being

A medical examination presents to an individual a rather sharp definition of himself. A doctor's observation or a laboratory test report seems convincing evidence of a bodily condition. But striking instances have shown that such physical observation depends somewhat upon the attitude of the observer. This is evidence that the observation is not as objective as long-held theories would claim. Top natural scientists tell us it is becoming more and more apparent that a condition is to some extent the result of the observer's expectations.

This conclusion is not new. Christ Jesus demonstrated vividly the unreality of clearly observable conditions. He healed many who were sick and raised some from the dead. In one instance it is recorded that they laughed him to scorn because he said a young girl was not dead. But he proved their observations wrong when he restored her to them alive. See Matt. 9: 18-25;

The Effectiveness of Our Present Understanding
January 25, 1975

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