A Zigzag Course

I was sixteen. Really looking for something to get my teeth into. At that time the Christian Science Sunday School didn't do it for me. I hated having to fake it at church—the smiles, and the "how are you's—I'm fine's." Feeling like a hypocrite, I dropped it. The Sunday School teachers tried hard, but God seemed too far away.

I wanted to bring God up close, make Him touchable. I didn't know I would dry up so many streams in the process. First, to be one of the guys, I drank alcohol. No enlightenment in that, only hangovers. A couple of years later I was living on my own. The excitement of the hippie movement caused me to feel like a new bird coming out of his shell. I consumed a wide assortment of drugs in the hope that they would guide me to God.

Imperishable Substance
January 18, 1975

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