Victors, Not Victims

One night I had a dream in which I saw a newspaper ad by a real estate company for just the property I needed. But when I went to their office, they wouldn't even talk to me about it. No reason—they just wouldn't. I became very angry and shouted that they were victimizing me and I would take them to court. I shouted so loud I woke myself up. Then, of course, I saw I wasn't really a victim—the whole situation was only a dream.

In daily life many people appear to be victims—victims of circumstances—and this may well include us. Recession, lack of education or training, environment, prejudice, injustice, crime, and accident—all claim their victims, and not many people seem able to do much to extricate themselves. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all victims everywhere could suddenly wake up—the way I did from my dream—and find they aren't really victims but victors? This is a present possibility because Christian Science brings to light the truth that man in his real being cannot be a victim.

Walking with God
July 20, 1974

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