by trusting God's ever-present care

The beautiful twenty-third Psalm, universally loved and admired, illustrates so poignantly the dear Father's love and ever-present care for each one of us. One time while traveling in Spain, I came upon a scene, high on a mountain plateau, that brought home clearly the full spiritual significance of this comforting, reassuring, healing Scripture. It was a raw, windy day and the rugged, rock-strewn land was nearly barren. But here was a shepherd etched against the leaden sky, standing bravely against the bitter cold, eyeing his flock, the familiar crooked staff in hand and a baby lamb nestled tenderly in his arms. It was a picture of rare beauty and, for me, a moment of fresh inspiration and spiritual awareness in which the Lord as Shepherd, embracing His flock, took on richer meaning.

Christian Science teaches that the real man that God creates can never be outside His ever-present care. Made and maintained in the image and likeness of his infinite creator, perfect Mind, man reflects spiritually divine Principle's completeness. And this reflection includes in fullest measure the love and intelligence, the peace and joy, one expects of a happy, well-cared-for individual. For man, God's idea, to be existing independently of his dear Father's loving care, would be for God not to be expressing His full perfection.

The Discipline Problem
February 9, 1974

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