I shall always be grateful for a loving mother who taught me...

I shall always be grateful for a loving mother who taught me from early childhood to love God and to turn to Him for comfort and guidance in time of trouble. However, I was not satisfied with many of the things I was taught to believe. So much seemed to be preparing me for life after death. Why not enjoy freedom, beauty, perfect health, happiness, and prosperity now? I wondered. I became so dissatisfied with the teachings of orthodox theology and the fact that it was not meeting my human needs, that I severed my membership with the church.

From early childhood I had learned to love books; so whenever I became unhappy or dissatisfied, immediately I would go to the public library and search for books to read that would bring me a feeling of satisfaction and joy. It was in so doing that I came across a biography of Mrs. Eddy. I had a close friend who I previously—and mistakenly—had thought was worshiping Mrs. Eddy. Upon finishing the book, I distinctly recall the tremendous appreciation I felt for what Mrs. Eddy had done.

November 30, 1974

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