Two years ago I began an earnest study of Christian Science

Two years ago I began an earnest study of Christian Science. Prior to that time I was deeply troubled by what I felt to be a deteriorating world situation. I was constantly searching for truth and a purpose for my existence. All my efforts seemed to be thwarted, and I was beginning to believe that truth was nonexistent and life nothing more than absurd. I had always been taught that man is both material and spiritual. This I could not accept, and my conclusion was that man could only be material, since my physical senses testified to this. Besides, would a merciful God allow suffering? No! Man could not be a combination of spiritual and material substance.

Under the presumption that man is solely material, I dropped out of college, finding it merely a waste of time and totally irrelevant. I decided the only way to escape the corruption of the world was to become a nonparticipant as far as possible. However, my ignorant material beliefs, instead, led me to contribute to this corruption.

Testimony of Healing
I am very grateful to be a member of The Mother Church
March 3, 1973

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