There Is No It There

When we are trying to heal a physical condition, especially a painful one, we are tempted to look at it or feel it or listen to it every day or every hour and ask, "Is it better, or is it worse?" When it seems better, we are encouraged. When it seems worse, we are disheartened. But the whole picture of a mortal checking material symptoms to see how well or how sick he is, is an illusion.

Why is it an illusion? Because the man God made is not a mortal but a spiritual idea. He is the reflection of the divine Mind. He has no material elements and no material conditions. What we see as a mortal who can be sick or well according to what physical symptoms present is a false view of man, an inverted image that makes everything look material, when man is really spiritual.

"Blessed are the meek"
January 20, 1973

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