[Ability to demonstrate Christian Science comes with study and practice of the truth taught by Christ Jesus and revealed in Science and Health. This series touches upon some ways in which this truth can be applied.]

Healing by understanding the true substance of things

Everything that really exists is substantial, but the substance of real objects is spiritual, not material. God, Spirit, the creator of all, is the only real substance. His creation consists of ideas that reflect Him. These ideas are spiritual and therefore substantial. They are invariably good, healthy, whole, alive, beautiful, law-abiding, harmonious. Because the true substance of things is never material, they do not really deteriorate, disintegrate, become diseased, immobile, or ugly. Real things are conceptions of eternal Life and Love, so they never die.

If in human experience there seems a need for healing—if there is any evidence of deficiency, inefficiency, diseased action or discord —this represents a belief in false substance. Inharmony only appears in an untrue view of substance. This false view is often objectified as a diseased condition. It is the product of lying material sense bearing witness to a false belief that things are different from what they really are.

There Is No It There
January 20, 1973

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