This testimony is long overdue

This testimony is long overdue. It goes back to the year 1916. My husband went overseas to join the British Navy. I followed on to Scotland to my father's home, taking our infant son with me. While visiting my husband in Southampton, I had occasion to leave the child in the care of our landlord for a few minutes. I had just turned away, when I heard a crash. The pram in which my child lay had overturned, and his chin had struck the cement floor. He was badly hurt, unable to close his mouth, and could only whimper. I had never been so frightened, and when my husband came in, I begged him to call a doctor. He returned instead with a Christian Science practitioner. I shall never forget that practitioner's face; it shone with love. But I was still so frightened I could not follow what he said, especially when he told me that in God's sight my baby had not fallen. However, soon both the baby and I fell fast asleep, and when I awakened, we were alone and the child was well and happy. I cannot describe the feeling of awe; I felt the presence of God in that room.

I left for Scotland the next day, but as I passed through Edinburgh, I yielded to the suggestion to take the child to a specialist for an examination. He laughed and said the child was perfect.

I wandered away from Christian Science for nineteen years, during which time nothing in my life seemed to go well. It took the passing on of that same son to bring me back to Christian Science. He said before passing, "Mother, that woman [Mrs. Eddy] is right, or else there is nothing."

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July 31, 1971

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