Immovable Truth and Social Change

To stand unmoved in the conviction of God's immutable allness and perfection and at the same time recognize the legitimacy of social change is not a contradictory position. God's presence recognized inevitably brings changes to society. The prophet Ezekiel's words "I will overturn, overturn, overturn,...until he come whose right it is" Ezek. 21:27; accurately describe the impact of the Christ, immovable Truth, upon the traditions and unenlightened thinking that bind and blind mankind.

Yet sincere people often confuse loyalty to the transforming Christ with fanatical fidelity to entrenched attitudes and opinions. They mistakenly attempt to be adamant about subjects quite properly open to various interpretations, one of which may be no more basically right than another. In other words, they take absolute stands on relative matters. When various opinions or different choices are permissible, as in a society that values democratic procedures, for example, it is nearer right—and more Godlike—to be temperate than to be dogmatic or brittle.

Love Heals the Troubled Child
July 24, 1971

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