Evil, a Theory

Many a speculation takes hold of the consciousness of mankind. Can the darkness of evil be or become total? Can sin take over human beings in complete bondage? Must fear develop into sickness and lead to death? Must the world itself finally be consumed in a holocaust? Fortunately for mankind, Christian Science, shows that the theory of overwhelming evil is just that—a theory, having no more reality than its believer chooses to give to it.

There is neither such a theory, nor such a believer in the first chapter of Genesis, which defines creation as wholly spiritual and good. In the second chapter we read, "There went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground." Gen. 2:6; What at first appears as a total presence of evil is only a material concept. From this cloud, or dream, comes Adam, who is supposed to act out the theory.

Getting the Group to Cooperate
March 20, 1971

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