Active Rest

A beautiful white swan floated serenely toward a rustic footbridge. There she came to a stop. Although she seemed to be perfectly still, a close-up revealed her feet paddling at a great rate. She stretched a long, graceful neck back to an upright tail. Neatly she preened and smoothed her glistening mantle. Tucked comfortably down in her back feathers nestled her baby cygnets. Carefully mother balanced her cargo, then thrust her bill under water to forage for food. Her tail served as a firm rudder. This amazing waterfowl didn't just float! But with all her busyness she retained her native dignity and grace. Hers was a living lesson on disciplined conduct and restful activity.

Because he is learning the meaning of and regard for restful activity, the earnest student of Christian Science may legitimately feel a certain kinship with the swan because of its calm, orderly industry. He knows that rest is not found in idleness, inaction, nor apathy. One doesn't just float along. Rest is found in the continuous search for Truth, in living it and obeying it. In Science and Health, the Christian Science textbook, Mrs. Eddy makes this statement: "The highest and sweetest rest, even from a human standpoint, is in holy work." Science and Health, pp. 519, 520;

Don't Open That Box
January 16, 1971

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