Spiritual Energy in Business

A student of Christian Science was recently transferred to work in a new country. This change brought a series of complications: house hunting, schooling for the children, and urgent business problems. He found himself constantly pressed for time, and usually tired.

One day when he faced a particularly heavy work load, which was increased by inefficient and complacent office help, he decided to direct his thought to the demonstration of spiritual energy. He knew that what he really needed was to identify himself scientifically as the reflection of God's omnipotence, and that the strength he needed emanated from the one and only cause, God, divine Love, which energizes all right activity. He also humbly acknowledged the omnipresence of God and His order and peace. He realized that pressure and pushing were limitations of material sense and could not exist in God-centered thinking.

Emerging from Fiery Trials
September 26, 1970

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