I recently had a healing so dramatic that it conclusively proved...

I recently had a healing so dramatic that it conclusively proved to me that Christian Science heals. While stacking some broken concrete blocks in the backyard of my home late one afternoon, I thought that the more firmly I placed the blocks together the better they would stay stacked. While following this decision, I mashed my right index finger so severely that it looked as if most of it would be lost. The appearance so shocked me that I realized I had to take a radical stand on what I had been studying for seven years in Christian Science or have a deformed hand for the rest of my life. The condition seemed quite beyond any remedial action by a doctor. As this decision was made, my thought was flooded with the strength to resist the suggestion that was before me. I absolutely refused to let this picture remain in my consciousness. The pain stopped almost instantly, but a dull throbbing and bleeding problem needed to be overcome.

About this time my wife called me to dinner. I knew it would be best not to let the injury be observed by others, and I prayed to know that inharmony of the flesh could not be visible to God's man. I washed my hands, and as I saw the alarming evidence, I clung steadfastly to the fact that divine Mind was my only consciousness. Even as blood appeared on the towel, I refused to give matter life or reality and realized that nothing had the power to keep me from my right functions, so I went to dinner. As the meal progressed, the suggestion of an irreparable injury completely left my consciousness, and my family noticed nothing out of the way.

April 4, 1970

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