Signs of the Times

The Reverend G. E. TileySapperton Rectory Gloucestershire, Englandin a letter to his parishioners

Seedtime and Harvest is not just a part of nature. It runs through every phase of life, physical, mental and spiritual. And so the great promise of God that "while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest shall not cease" is one of the basic laws of all life. By studying what happens in the world of nature we can see how it works. The seed and the fruit are the beginning and the end of the one process. For every kind of harvest there must be a seed. The same kind of seed always produces the same kind of harvest. Providing the laws are obeyed, nature never makes a mistake. Thus when Jesus said no one gathers fruit from thorns or figs from thistles, or good fruit from a bad tree, this is what He meant. In other words, the picture on the seed packet of what to expect from sowing is a sure guide. "As a man soweth, so he reapeth" runs right up through all life.

November 21, 1970

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