My first great glimpse of spiritual reality came about thirteen...

My first great glimpse of spiritual reality came about thirteen years ago. I was a member of an orthodox church at the time and had no knowledge of Christian Science. But one day, when I had been praying, it suddenly became clear to me that God is All and there is nothing apart from Him. Very quickly the vision faded, and I thought how impossible it would be to tell anyone about it; but, of course, later on I found that Mary Baker Eddy had already told the world about it. Her courage and ability to do so gives me deep respect and gratitude for her.

When staying at a hotel, I found a copy of The Christian Science Journal, which included a testimony about a child who had been healed of brain concussion in a few hours. At the time, I was suffering from the effects of this same thing, which had happened four months earlier as a result of a fall I had while jumping on horseback. However, after spending a few days reading this Journal and thinking about it a lot, I found I was completely healed. This led to a more thorough study of Christian Science and more healings, including one of an enlarged thyroid gland, which previously had been given up by the doctors. Also the false taste for alcohol, coffee, and tea disappeared.

October 31, 1970

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