How grateful I am for the teachings of Christian Science! At a...

How grateful I am for the teachings of Christian Science! At a very early age I was enrolled in a Christian Science Sunday School to be taught the love of God, good. This early education continues to bless me daily. Gratefully I acknowledge the freedom that was mine as a teen-ager because my mother wisely relied on the teachings of Christian Science to guide me through that time. Through her study she helped me see the joy of being good and pure.

Physical problems have been few and far between, but I rejoice that each problem has inspired growth in my understanding of God and a greater appreciation of my relationship to God. During my junior year in high school, a large and ugly growth was removed from my hand through a better understanding of God and man. This growth had appeared nearly three years before, after another unsightly growth had broken and dissolved when I wholeheartedly accepted the truth in the statement that the operation of divine Love is painless. Because this growth did not hurt, no specific prayerful work had been done to remove it. Later I became embarrassed by its presence and tried to see the nothingness of it. I don't remember all the thought that brought about the healing, but I do recall looking at the hand after reading the Bible Lesson one morning and seeing the hand smooth and unblemished.

October 31, 1970

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