One, Not Two

The concept of two pervades all that is human. Much of this twoness is in opposites such as light and darkness, positive and negative, joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, peace and war, life and death. This dualism is the basis of all conflict and confusion. It is part of the false concept that man and the universe are both spiritual and material, both good and evil, and that evil is sometimes good.

In the realm of the real there are no opposites. There is no twoness, only oneness. There is only one God, good, who is Principle and Love. Man, the reflection or image of God, includes only what God imparts. He does not include discord and hate or other qualities underived from God. Sorrow, lack, sickness, pain, war, death, all that is mortal and material, are completely nonexistent in the real world of Spirit. Therefore man does not experience them.

Gracious Living
June 14, 1969

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