Accent on Spiritual Sense

The current intensification of material beliefs presents a basic challenge to the student of Christian Science, and it is well to be fully aware of the extent of this challenge. Through the bold presentation of sensual thinking and practices, the student is faced with a brazen denial of the spiritual nature of man in the likeness of God. One can well ask oneself, "What is the direction of the development of my thought? Is it toward more spiritual thinking and living or toward the opposite kind?" Mrs. Eddy sets forth this fact in Science and Health. She says, "We must not attribute more and more intelligence to matter, but less and less, if we would be wise and healthy." Science and Health, p. 62;

Material pleasure and pain are pieces of the same cloth. They both come from the belief that life and intelligence are in matter. They both are erroneous and must eventually be outgrown. One cannot rid himself of one without denying the other. It is only spiritual sense or the spiritual understanding of God that will enable the individual to lift his thought and life above the level of material sense and come free from the limitations of sickness and sin. Such an effort does not deprive one of joy. It rather shows a true spiritual foundation for lasting harmony and happiness.

This may sound to some like a homily or an old-fashioned sermon, but facts are facts. It is just as unintelligent to sin as it is to make a mistake in mathematics. And when one is dealing with divine Principle, he knows that there is no shortcut, no discount. Everyone must face the responsibility of his own thought and life. But to the humble, repentant thought there is every opportunity to refresh one's spiritual sense and to renew one's hold upon the divine.

Testimony of Healing
In reviewing some of the countless blessings I have received...
April 12, 1969

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