Out of the overflow of gratitude from our hearts the pen and...

Out of the overflow of gratitude from our hearts the pen and tongue shall write and sing praises to our heavenly Father for His love and goodness. Out of my gratitude I wish to add my psalm of praise.

Several years ago numerous small growths appeared on my hands and grew larger in size. Others appeared as time went on. I was not pressed into immediate denial of this erroneous claim and made little effort to disprove it until several of the growths became painful. I then realized I must take a firm stand and begin to disprove this condition with persistence.

I realized I was not trying to make discordant matter well. The need was for greater understanding of man's perfection as God's reflection. An illustration came to my thought. Ocean vessels that travel in salt water after a time gather many barnacles and other foreign substances on the underside of the ship. As this accumulation grows, it may add many tons of weight and slow the speed and progress of the ship considerably. (This, in a sense, was what I had permitted to happen in my experience in not disposing of concepts foreign to man's true being.) Periodically the ship is taken into dry dock, where the hull is scraped laboriously to loosen and dislodge all foreign matter.

April 12, 1969

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