There Is Nothing Outside of God

[Original in German]

We can go out of a house and look at it from the outside, but no one can go outside of God. No one can look at Him from the outside. Nor is it possible to look out from God as one looks out of the window of a house to see what is going on outside. God, Spirit, has no outside. There is nothing outside of Him, for He is All. Nothing else exists, nothing else has reality, for God is the only creator.

God did not create aught that could be ill and die, for God is Life. Life excludes death, and there is no place where Life is not. Everything that exists is in Life and can never be lost out of it. A mortal, material body does not represent our true being. God does not beget matter, for He is Spirit. Paul said, "In him we live, and move, and have our being." Acts 17:28; Christian Science teaches us that to live in Spirit, we must be spiritual. We cannot be material, since there is only God, Spirit, and His idea, the real or spiritual man. This is the divine message of the Christ that Jesus brought to the human family.

Gaining Dominion over Age
July 22, 1967

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