The words of Job (23:3), "Oh that I knew where I might...

The words of Job (23:3), "Oh that I knew where I might find him!" epitomize my early longing to know God and find the real meaning of life. The church in which I was brought up and other religions I investigated, besides various physical sciences, failed to give logical answers to my many questions. Also I was heartbroken at all the evil and suffering in the world and my seeming helplessness to do anything about it.

It was during World War I while serving in the English equivalent of the W.A.A.C. that I first heard of Christian Science. When one is ready for this revelation, it would seem that God in His great love searches one out, for I was brought into daily contact with the only Christian Scientist, to my knowledge, in an isolated military camp of forty thousand service personnel. Imagine my joy on finding satisfying answers to my questions about God, life, man, and the universe! In Mrs. Eddy's writings I not only found the strong, irrefutable logic of pure metaphysical, or absolute, Science, but the deep compassion and tenderness of the healing Christ—the essence of the "pure religion and undefiled" (James 1:27) exemplified by Jesus and made practical in this age through Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
About five years ago it seemed that never again would I have...
October 14, 1967

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