One Need Never Be Without a Home

Probably few words in our language mean so much to us as does the word "home." It conveys a sense of love, peace, rest, and security—a retreat from the stress of outside, worldly affairs.

Mrs. Eddy brings out the spiritual truth of home when she writes, "The real house in which 'we live, and move, and have our being' is Spirit, God, the eternal harmony of infinite Soul." Pulpit and Press, p. 2; In her experience Mrs. Eddy proved that true home is not a physical place but a state of consciousness. Circumstances forced her to move many times, but she was never without a sense of home. From simple houses to the one with the little attic, where she finished writing Science and Health, and on to her beautiful, spacious home in Chestnut Hill, each move exemplified her trust in divine Love, God, to care for her every need.

Reality or Phantasmagoria?
October 14, 1967

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