What to Do About Temptation

[Of special interest to young men and women]

Each one of us at some time or another has been tempted. Perhaps the temptation has been to tell a lie or cheat in a test. Perhaps we have been tempted to take something which was not ours, and we justify our doing it by thinking: "No one will ever know"; or "The person left it, so he probably didn't want it anyway"; or "If I don't take it, someone else will; so why not?" Maybe the temptation has been to involve ourselves in activity which we know would not conform to our highest sense of right.

How can we resist the false suggestions of mortal mind and still maintain our poise? The answer to handling temptation lies in gaining a clearer understanding of God and of our relationship to Him as His perfect reflection.

Removing False Labels
January 21, 1967

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