A New Concept of Life

Anyone who has grasped the fundamental truths of Christian Science is gaining a new concept of life. The student realizes that because Truth is timeless, infinite in its application, he is engaged in the study of something far beyond any human invention; for what is true today has always been true and will stand immutable throughout the ages. On the other hand, every human concept is subject to change and dissolution. As one trains his thought to accept spiritual ideas and discard human concepts, he finds his former standpoints receding from experience.

One of the liberating truths that dawn on a student is man's coexistence with Mind as its idea. To live with this truth is to contemplate one's immortality. Christian Science lifts men out of their limited view of existence as material and destructible and reveals man as spiritual and as inseparable from his creator.

Thriving in Adversity
January 21, 1967

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